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A sneak preview…

Have you ever reacted in anger or frustration? Who hasn’t? We’re all human. Chances are that somebody said something which touched something deep inside you. A vulnerable spot was hit and before you know it you’ve lashed out at the other person. And maybe your response was not so much based on what the other person said, but more on the feeling it gave you. Each of us has an inner dialogue that is constantly playing in our heads. Often it might not be helpful because it can make us feel awful about ourselves.

Becoming aware of this ‘inner game’ is important. Because once we are aware that something is touched inside, we have a choice. How do we want to respond? Angry, frustrated? Or maybe we can choose to respond differently, and become more aware of what the other person is trying to convey.

The bonus here is that we are more in the ‘here and now’, more grounded in the present. And this helps us in being more curious and open towards others. Here’s a question for you : when was the last time you were really present in an interaction with somebody else? And when was your inner dialogue getting the better from you?

Warm regards Tim

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